Hellys: All Together Now

Hellys: All Together Now

Get ready for a splashingly good time in Helston this summer – SPLANN!

On July 20th, our town celebration day, Hellys: All Together Now will bring back with a splash the long-lost Helston Water Carnival! Vote for your favourite community water float during the Grand Parade or have-a-go making a free recycled bottle mini sailing boat for an afternoon race across the lake – competitive parents are encouraged to attend!

Helston’s family day out is full of activities across the town. On the same day, The Museum of Cornish Life‘s Cornish Summer Fair will be filled with dancing, storytelling, and free family outdoor games for some Cornish cultural immersion and on Events Square, Helston Town Band‘s annual fair will fill the air with sunny summer music, tempting visitors with an array of cakes and goodies. Meanwhile, in the Old Cattle Market, the Hellys Craft Fair will showcase the talents of local artisan makers, featuring an impressive selection of crafts, jewellery, and art for you to try and buy.

Build a mini recycled-bottle sailing boat for the Water Carnival

At 3pm we’ll be holding a recycled-bottle sailing race across the Boating Lake.

Anyone and everyone can take part! Come along on the day with a 500ml bottle and we’ll help you build your own boat or have a go making it at home with these simple instructions.

Practical information for the day

What are the timings?
At Coronation Park
1pm            Drop-in recycled bottle sailing boat workshop
2pm            Helston Town Band Fete begins
3pm            Recycled bottle sailing race on the Boating Lake
3.30pm      Grand Parade judging
4pm            Grand Parade on the Boating Lake

In the Old Cattle Market
11am-4pm Hellys Craft Fair

At the Museum of Cornish Life
10am-4pm Cornish Summer Fair

What is the recycled bottle sailing race?
Our resident model boat club, Pond Hoppers, will be running a free workshop in the afternoon for anyone who wants to make a small sailing boat made out of a plastic water bottle. We have also been handing out simple instructions to schools for them to send home to parents. We will then race these little boats across the Boating Lake at 3pm. There will be a prize for the winner!

What is the Grand Parade?
We asked community groups to get in touch if they wanted to have-a-go building a float for the Grand Parade. We will have 7 community-built, water-borne floats as well as (hopefully!) some costumed characters in accompanying kayaks. Visitors to the park will be able to vote for their favourite float for the “Helstonians Choice” award and the winner selected by our judge will lead the parade around the Boating Lake at 4pm. Our community floats will be pulled by the lakes resident swan and flamingo pedalos!

Why are you doing this event?
In 1912 when the Lower Green was flooded a Water Carnival was begun to encourage fun and frivolities on the newly created Boating Lake. We’d love to bring the Water Carnival back into Helston’s calendar and this event is a trial – to see what works and what doesn’t work!

Why are there lots of things happening on the same day?
Each of the organisations involved are small and organising big public events is a real stretch. We all felt that our events complimented each other and that together it would make for a great day out for our community without any organisation having to take on the responsibility on their own. The schedule is designed to allow you to see everything on offer at some point during the day.

I’ve got thoughts or questions, who should I contact?
Get in touch with our new Creative Producer at the park, Guy Watson on guy@cousinjacks.org

We are hugely grateful to the funders and supporters of this event