Project Wild Thing


Zelda School will be screening  the feature length documentary Project Wild Thing on  Thursday 21st November at 7.30pm at the Old Cattle Market, Helston.

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a move towards getting children outside more as we all know this has so many benefits both physically and psychologically. “It’s time to re-wild our children!”

For more information please go to

If you would like to come along, tickets are free, but we would ask that email ( so that we can allocate tickets and know how many people are coming.

Here are a few things people are saying about the film:

“In establishing the Wild Network we have considered evidence of how measures to improve opportunities for children to play outdoors and closer to nature can be beneficial for their health and wellbeing. Yet we have also acknowledged a range of barriers ranging from ‘health and safety culture’ through to traffic, the rise of screens, quality and accessibility of urban green space, issues around ‘stranger danger’, the approach to education and structure of the school day and much more. These barriers are explored in more depth in the recently released feature-length documentary which we are supporting – Project Wild Thing.”

“Spending time outdoors is hugely beneficial to children and young people. Research clearly shows that it improves their health, reduces stress and boosts wellbeing.” The Wild Network [5], which is made up of more than 370 organisations, large and small, is leading a campaign calling for more wild time for every child, every day. Members of the network include the National Trust, RSPB, Play England and the NHS Sustainable Development Unit.

“This film will change your life” – The Guardian


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